Administration Services/Audio Typing

Audio typing

Those regular or one- off paperwork tasks, electronic filing, business meeting minutes, dissertations or thesis typing - all tasks will be considered let us tidy up, type up and send out to those who need a copy.
Manuscripts, Interviews, Focus Groups, Dissertations, Thesis, etc


This service is available to authors, students, clubs and businesses. Even CV applications can be proofread for accuracy. The service includes correction of spelling, typographical errors, grammar and punctuation. The document will also be checked for clarity, accuracy and understanding. Please note: This is non-academic proofreading.


  • Create and maintain electronic and paper filing systems
  • Annual housekeeping (or as often as required)
  • Source/chase outstanding documents and payments
  • Business correspondence, responded to, managed
  • Reports, quotations, invoices and statement preparation
  • Research
  • Market/price comparison
  • Mailshots